MilaBrush Classic

This novelty has recently appeared in USA stores, but is gaining popularity very quickly. And we are glad to be one of the first in Global to offer you the Mila Brush electric hairbrush-straightener. This comb not only straightens the hair, but also ionizes it, making it shinier and smoother. What is so innovative about this automatic hair straightener?
1. This is the first electric hairbrush straightener. It combines a massage hair brush and a hair straightener. Now you can straighten and smooth your hair simply by combing it.
2. With the Mila Brush, hair straightening and styling takes only 5-10 minutes.
3. The comb has a tourmaline finish. When the coating is heated, negative ions are formed, which have a beneficial effect on the hair and expose its appearance. Also, thanks to the tourmaline coating, the straightener comb heats up evenly, so the hair is not injured or scalded.
4. Removes static electricity from hair.
5. Comb-iron smoothes the hair cuticle, curls look healthier and shinier.
6. Compared to conventional irons, the Mila Brush does not dry out the hair or make it brittle or split.
7. The straightener is not accidentally made in the form of a massage brush: when styling, the teeth of the comb pleasantly massage the scalp, which favorably affects the blood supply to the hair follicles, which means that hair growth improves.

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